About HADD

Who is HADD?

HADD is comprised of victim, unpaid volunteers. With all of our best efforts, we can not fight for changes in legislation alone. WE NEED YOUR HELP! As a non-profit entity, HADD cannot support any particular political candidate or party. What we can do is educate our elected officials about defective construction to encourage those officials to enact better consumer laws and fight for our rights.

Why Does HADD exist?

WHY DOES HADD EXIST? No one buys a new-home looking for a lawsuit but far too often, that is exactly what homeowners face. It often seems that once keys are in hand, that friendly builder is nowhere to be found should problems arise. Many tell us that their builders simply refuse to respond, and when they do, they are bombarded with Band-Aid-on-bullet-wound repairs, such as paint and caulk that often hide more serious underlying defects.
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Volunteers Needed

Web Gurus:Volunteers will work in groups maintaining organization in a work flow environment. HTML, CSS, CMS, and PHP experience a + but is not required. Graphic designers are also highly sought after. Basic knowledge of one or more of the following applications desired: Flash, photoshop, skype, mysql, drupal, phpbb and ftp.
Contact: Website feedback group on the contact us page.

Request for a Congressional hearing concerning accountability of the home building industry.


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All proceeds from the sale of these 100% cotton t-shirts will be used to help support HADD. Shirts come in Sm, Med, Lg X Lg and XX Lg. Only $20.00 each.